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Toms Drag Art
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

Tom’s Drag – This is a world of artistic license and colour. We bring in to you in our stylishly chic shop Sekretza on Spain’s Costa del Sol in Marbella, Malaga. The Tom’s Drag company was started by Thomas Hoffman back in 1988 along with his partner Arno Muller. Tom possessed an intrinsic love of life plus an adoration of bright colours.

He has managed to infuse his enthusiasm into his various collections which have now become prized collectibles around the world. Tom Hoffman unfortunately died in 2012 but his company, having been trained and guided by Tom, have managed to keep on producing innovative, weirdly wonderful creations which they know that Tom would approve of.

Tom had a love of travel and you will see the influences of the different cultures he encountered in his figures. The Tom’s Drag collection is eclectic, funny, whimsical, screamingly bright and is infused with a huge chunk of imagination and love of life.

Each piece is hand finished and hand painted making each piece completely unique. The quirky characters and sculptures have been fashioned using a unique blend of marble and synthetic resin named marmorin, which, when processed possesses the durability and smoothness of high quality ceramic. You can choose from angelic cherubs which are a delight, curious creatures and adorable animals to weird waiters which are elegant but humorous.

Nothing has escaped Tom Hoffman’s eye. His range of furniture and mirrors is unbelievable and will introduce both quirky and classic style to the home of artistically discerning people. Each piece bears the Tom’s Drag signature and his inimitable style of artistic decoration is now lauded around the world. Dive into the amazing Tom’s Drag Collection at our superb Sekretza showroom in Marbella, Malaga on the Costa del Sol.

Some pictures of Toms Drag

<i>Sculptor</i><span>Toms Drag</span>
<i>Sculptor</i><span>Toms Drag</span>
<i>Sculptor</i><span>Toms Drag</span>