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Borowski Glass Art
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

The Glass Studio Borowski was founded in Poland in 1990 by Stanislaw Borowski who was an internationally acclaimed glass artist. His unique style of glass sculptures and objects can be found in numerous art galleries, museums and private collections around the world. Since 1993 the Glass Studio Borowski has been very successfully managed by Stanislaw’s two eldest sons, Pawel and Jan, who have undoubtedly inherited their father’s artistic ability in glass sculpting, plus artistic talent and creativity. They have produced the most amazing artistic contemporary pieces which are both functional and decorative. They have perfected the art of glass blowing and use of stunning colours with superb design in their own, easily recognised, inimitable style which is now renowned throughout the world. The brothers are continually improving their technique and designs whilst continuing to produce amazing works of art which are eminently collectable.

Artistic Edition (Art Objects)

This category of the Glass Studio Borowski contains a stunning array of objects including a veritable Noah’s Ark of animals known as Safari Animals such as Taurus the bull, Safari Murphy, Bongo bear, Safari Parrot, Safari Paw Panda, Rambo Rhino, Kroky crocodile, Safari Fish and many more all in both humorous, quirky and innovative designs and colours of the rainbow. Each piece is individually hand blown and artistically sculpted making each object a unique work of art. You will also find ‘objects’ such as the Borowski guard, an array of fantastically coloured dancers, heads of various sizes, the king and queen object and the famous Borowski sailor. Featured are a number of gorgeous bowls – bowl alligator, bowl fish and bowl bird plus plate bird and plate fish. All breathtakingly gorgeous and wonderfully tactile. We are very proud to be able to offer the Borowski Art Objects in our stylish Sekretza showroom in Marbella.

Studio Line

The Borowski Studio Line comprises of an eclectic collection of amazing pieces. They will never fail to stun and are phenomenally eye-catching in their superb, vivid colours and fantastic artistic design. We would like to present to our discerning customers the Borowski bowls, vases, paperweights, candle-holders, tea light holders and table lamps. The Studio Line also comprises of bowls Vogel, Hoover, Bird Bath, Aqua, Flower Pop and Bloomer. Duke, Ara and Frosch Candleholders, bowls Gekko, Koi and Pool are also part of the Studio Line collection. There is Bug, Micky, Mini Bee, Nigel, Snippy fish and Kiwi Egg paperweights and not to mention Borowski vases Pingu, Uhu, Kiwi and Angus all in varying colours. We also have Borowski table lamps Fat Filou, Filou and Biene. A sense of style, elegance, fun and humour are what you can expect from the famous Borowski Studio Line which you can find in our Marbella Showroom.

Outdoor Objects

The Borowski Outdoor Object Collection comprises of amazing artistic sculptures functional and wonderfully decorative. The designs are eclectic, avant-guard and fantastically colourful, prized by glass collectors and exterior/interior designers around the world. The Outdoor Collection has four different categories – ‘Outdoor’, Lamp Objects’, Objects and ‘Wind chimes’. There is also a selection of ‘animal’ lamps such as Lamp Chameo, Suzy Bee, Turkey, Pig, Froggy, Coco, Crusty Crab and many more delightful lamp creations designed for outdoors. Wind chimes include Wind Kiwi, Lizzy, Carlson, Twisty, Rooster and Windbird. Then there is contained in ‘Objects’ Kiwi Stick and Birdy Stick in various colourways all dramatically eye-catching. ‘Outdoor Objects’ feature Pavo, Antelope, Road Runner, Lucky Bird, Bird, Chameleon, Crow, Firebird, Gonzo and Masai Men and they are just a few of the awesome sculptures which Borowski have in their Outdoor Collection. All in all the Borowski Art Glass Collection is a superb collection of artistic treasures and we are incredibly proud to be able to bring these pieces to Marbella on the famous Costa del Sol.

Some pictures of Borowski