Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso
von Hohenlohe s/n, 29602
Marbella, Málaga - Spain
(+34) 951 44 02 85

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Antonio Russo Art Paintings
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

Antonio Russo was born in England in 1965, both parents were Sicilian and he spent his early years there, moving back to England at the age of 13.

His family roots in Sicily influenced his taste in art and music bringing a broad spectrum of culture, light, colour and sound which are evident in his work today.

For Antonio the link between art and music is intrinsic and the line between the two is blurred, he feels the music and paints his feelings.

“I don’t really know if I have an artist’s statement or style, I don’t really see the need. I love painting to music and I never know what I’m doing until I look at a blank canvas, and at that point the colors, music and inspiration hit me, and it all starts to flow. Art speaks for itself, especially abstract expressionism, why should I complicate things by expounding on how or why I do what I do? I paint what I paint based on how I feel, and I try to paint from my heart. I do my best to present movement, emotion, energy, and visual excitement. I never shy away from bold colors. Colour is life! Colours make people feel happy, and happiness is what life is all about.

Abstract painting is easy to approach once you open your mind and have no fear. I also make music, I am a music producer and I do the same when I write a song as when I paint; I start with a blank sheet and then apply musical notes; that’s why I paint with music. I paint to sooth my soul.”

Some pictures of Antonio Russo

<i>Painter</i><span>Antonio Russo</span>
<i>Painter</i><span>Antonio Russo</span>
<i>Painter</i><span>Antonio Russo</span>