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von Hohenlohe s/n, 29602
Marbella, Málaga - Spain
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Lisowski Glass Art
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

At Sekretza our superb showroom, which is dedicated to bringing objects d’art in various forms and materials to Marbella, Malaga and the Costa del Sol we are able to offer you works by the famous glass artist Piotr Lisowski.

He is a glass artist of the highest calibre and is famous around the world having had his works of art glass presented to two popes, a number of heads of state and to Queen Elizabeth II.

Piotr Lisowski has been producing amazing glass art for over twenty years. He has created incredibly ornate pieces of art glass combining the sculpture of glass with metal and wood to produce amazingly innovative works of art.

In his workshop he began by producing simple strained glass but with improvements in technology he was able to progress to a brand new technique which is known as ‘fusing’. This allowed Piotr and his team of artists to produce even more intricate and amazing designs. Each design is unique. There are no two pieces of art glass which are the same. His artistic imagination is fused into every piece and each piece is sought after by collectors, art galleries and museums around the world.

Why not start your own collection? You will be the envy of all your friends and colleagues because you will be the owner of a unique and famous piece of Lisowski Art Glass. We at Sekretza are able to offer you these stunning pieces and amazing prices, so please, see for yourself. Come and visit us in our super smart showroom in Marbella, Puerto Banus, Malaga on the Costa del Sol.

Some pictures of Piotr Lisowski