Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso
von Hohenlohe s/n, 29602
Marbella, Málaga - Spain
(+34) 951 44 02 85

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Nomi Wilkens Art Paintings
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

Born in 1957 in Bornholm, but lived my first 28 years in Kolding, Denmark. Since 1984, resident in Spain.

I am a commercial artist by education, but have drawn ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand.

I mostly paint abstract with figurative elements in. My paintings are built up of several layers of plaster, paint, sand, paper, cardboard, etc., to get an interesting structure and depth to the image.

Her idea is to give the viewer free fantasy to create its own illusions and dreams.

I always have an idea when I start a new painting, but often it changes and develops into something completely different during the process.

Some pictures of Nomi Wilkens

<i>Painter</i><span>Nomi Wilkens</span>
<i>Painter</i><span>Nomi Wilkens</span>
<i>Painter</i><span>Nomi Wilkens</span>