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Marbella, Málaga - Spain
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Ose del Sol Art Paintings
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

Ose del Sol is one of Spain’s newest, most prominent artists and we, at Sekretza in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Malaga are very proud to be able to present to the publish his classical art. Ose del Sol was born in Extramadura in Spain but has spent 20 years living in Southern Spain and during those years he has perfected his art.

He is completely self-taught and was born to paint. He has absorbed the cultures and colours of Southern Spain and it is very clear from his painting that he both loves his mother country and lives for Spain and Spanish art. His art spans across the ages absorbing Spanish Classical Antiquity, Renaissance and current culture. He has absorbed the ancient Southern Spanish culture and has interpreted it onto canvas.

He uses colours and form which invite you to ‘touch’, some which even present a kind of 3-D image. He presents to you toreadors and flamenco dancers, clad in authentic costume which are alive on his canvas. He has captured the passion and depth of colour throughout the history of Southern Spain.

Ose produces amazing landscapes which transport the onlooker right into the scenery. He has produced representations of antique sculptures which have a mysterious and dramatic air about them bringing Spain and Spanish culture to your living room or your office. His masterpieces are greatly appreciated by art collectors and art lovers worldwide and his art appears in very prestigious art galleries.

He is renowned for his use of light and shade, texture and form, so we would invited you to come to our showroom Sekretza in Marbella/Puerto Banus, Malaga on the Costa del Sol and appreciate the wondrous works of Ose del Sol.

Some pictures of Ose del Sol

<i>Painter</i><span>Ose del Sol</span>
<i>Painter</i><span>Ose del Sol</span>
<i>Painter</i><span>Ose del Sol</span>