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Jurgen Chaumarat Glass Art
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

Wow! This is the only short word which sums up the work of glass artist Jurgen Chaumarat which you will find at our Sekretza showroom in Marbella, Malaga on the Costa del Sol. Chaumarat has perfected the art of sculpting WATER in glass! He was born in Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean in 1970 but was educated in Paris.

From his early years he displayed a passion for glass stating that he breathed his life through sculpting glass. He never lost his roots and his passion for all things tropical are displayed in his sculptures, coconut, bamboo and kaori, are all reflected in the curved lines and swirls of his fantastic glass sculptures.

He has created a ‘splash’ in glass, he has captured crashing waves in sculptural form and has captured the way water moves and crashes. His sculptures are fascinating, beautiful and totally amazing. They throw light with their reflections. They are all totally stunning pieces. Jurgen has sculpted a skyscraper skyline, with buildings, windows et al, completely capturing the feel of, perhaps, Manhattan.

The watery, though jewel like colours built in to some of his sculptures are fantastic. Each sculpture is a collectors piece. They are displayed in art galleries, museums etc., around the world and are much coveted by art glass collectors. Each piece is totally unique. Each piece possesses its own character. Each piece has its own deep colours and each piece tells its own story. Come and see these stunning glass sculptures at our delightfully chic showroom in Marbella/Puerto Banus, Malaga on the sunny Costa del Sol and absorb the wonders of Jurgen Chaumarat’s sculptures.

Some pictures of Jurgen Chaumarat

<i>Sculptor</i><span>Jurgen Chaumarat</span>
<i>Sculptor</i><span>Jurgen Chaumarat</span>
<i>Sculptor</i><span>Jurgen Chaumarat</span>